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Loud Owl Designs Studio

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Loud Owl Designs has your message for you!

Whether it’s from the craft where we got our start – the ImprovOffers line of hand stamped bracelets, “yes anded” by improv actors everywhere (like me!) – or our artisan jewelry and mixed media montages, we create art that speaks to you and lets you display your message to your world.

Where did this come from? Well, it’s my whole brain’s fault. There’s a lot to be said for the left-brain. I know, for most of my work life I spent the days being logical, analyzing, planning. Yet every day my right brain whispered, “Pssst, HEY, over here, I’ll show you a good time!”…and though I leveraged my imagination and intuition in my corporate life that whisper turned to a holler and I finally listened. Today I’m having a good time as an artist and improv comedy actor, creating and playing in the wonderful, free-standing, Loud Owl Designs studio hand-crafted by my husband and me. It’s our own “tiny house” design and serves as an improv rehearsal space and guest house as well! Visiting Atlanta? Stop by to play and craft!
Maggie McHugh-Parrish
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